Andrew Krill


Andrew has lived in Stamford since 1994 were he’s raised two boys.
He’s been on numerous boards and is currently serving as an elected representative of District 2 on the Stamford Republican Town Committee, Stamford Transit District and the Shippan Point Association. He’s lived in Stamford since 1994 with the expectation that all the building would bring down our taxes. The city has a large labor force, estimated at 70,341 workers, which was 594 more than previous year 2017. Last year the city had 130,824 residents, up 10,800 from nine years ago. But, over the last ten years how many of us have seen our pay checks go up 30% ? How many of us have seen our home’s value increase 30% ? Why over the last 10 years, have our taxes gone up 30% with all this growth? We need your vote because without us, next year you’ll see more workers, more residents and more taxes.